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About Second Effort Art


Second Effort is named such because this company is truly a second chance at a purpose in life. Our little corner of the world changed about 20 years ago. We were given a chance to re-direct life at that point. A chance to look at things with a whole new set of eyes and see what really is important. Most importantly, it allowed us a real opportunity to bow our heads and raise our hands, not only on the seventh day, but every day.

This new path led us to understand just how rewarding it was to make something with your own two hands (plus various lovely machines). Coming from an automotive background, metal seemed the natural choice. One of the great aspects of our scope of work is it allows us to have artistic and architectural paths. Blending the two is especially nice. Take a logo or a sign and cover it with a creative patina finish maybe. Just maybe.

Above all, we want our clients to have a custom product when SEart takes on a project. Our customers are a vital part of the process, whether be technical or artistic. We create, together.

Please take a minute and look at some of the past projects. We hope that this varied list of work will show that, while there are always some limitations, we don’t want to think they can stop us!

Thanks for stopping by!